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Feb 23

Sometimes I feel like the girl in the bee costume from the Blind Melon video, but I just can’t seem to find the other bees.

Jan 20
“I swear on a box of my favourite chocolates that: I HAVE checked out the course map, I do know about race kit pickup, race date, venue and most importantly, the CHOCOLATE stash I should expect on race day!”

the disclaimer when signing up for The Chocolate Race in St Catherine’s, Canada!  There are 3 races (5k, 10k, 10miler) - at the water stops they have chocolate-covered strawberries, and at the end they have chocolate milk, truffles, etc etc.

I’m so excited for this trip- taking my mom to Canada for a long Mother’s Day weekend.  She just got a passport for the first time last year, so this is her first opportunity to get her new passport stamped!

I’m planning most of the trip which is to fly to Buffalo and drive to Toronto for 4 nights.  She knows some of the basics on the checklist- Hockey Hall of Fame (which completes my visits to the 4 major halls of fame!), Blue Jays game, CN Tower, but she doesn’t know we’re going to see other lesser-known waterfalls (some are taller than the American Falls and nearly as tall as Horseshoe Falls at Niagara), a ceramics museum (she does pottery), and the FOOD, glorious FOOD!

Jan 16

when chewing gum right before you have to address a room full of people,

do:  throw gum away.

do not: forget to throw gum away, panic, and put gum in pocket without tissue or paper.

especially do not:  forget gum is in said pocket, and put keys in pocket.

result = picking gum out of said pocket and aforementioned keys for the rest of the day.

Jan 13

She lies and says she’s in love with him.

can’t find her underpants.

Jan 4
for Chloe and Dewster, so they don’t miss out on the magic of FB.  the likes on Bob’s comment are Lisa, Jeremy, Bronwyn, Carla, Laurie S- just picturing them laughing made me laugh.
also the excellent use of “coupla.”

for Chloe and Dewster, so they don’t miss out on the magic of FB.  the likes on Bob’s comment are Lisa, Jeremy, Bronwyn, Carla, Laurie S- just picturing them laughing made me laugh.

also the excellent use of “coupla.”

Jan 4

I am too old to keep getting stuck in my coat.

Jan 3
“As any person worth calling himself a person would: I stand shoulder-to-shoulder with my wife, seek to protect her from harm by any means necessary, and strive with all that I have towards her better health.
I love her with all my might.”

my cousin’s husband.

my cousin has been going through some sort of crisis…she currently thinks that she is being attacked by the government through soundwaves or other noises, that someone walking by at a café shocked her foot (as part of this plan).  They even moved from San Francisco where they’ve lived for 10+ years but since the symptoms have continued in their new house, she thinks that they’ve followed her there.  She even posted that was pregnant because she thought that would make them leave her alone.  Her dad has suffered from bipolar issues or manic depression (not sure of all the details), and my cousin (her brother) has been on disability for mental health issues since he was about 20 (he’s now 44).

They’ve gone to doctors, she said she’d take medication, but it seems like she hasn’t from the unusual posts on Facebook.  I don’t know how to help them, they didn’t want to see anyone when I was in SF in November.

Jan 1

Jan 1

Winter Classic!

Almost forgot!

Jan 1


(Funny show on BBC)

Jan 1

I have not seen this side of 5:30am for a long time…

Je suis old and tired and need to remember to leave parties earlier. Even when more fun will be had. OR perhaps I should host a party. hmm, nervousness will kick in another time if I actually think that through.

Jan 1

True harmony.

Joined EHarmony a few weeks ago. Can I be super truthful and hope that someone would want to sit through a marathon of Chuck reruns on Netflix with me?

Jan 1

I just know weird stuff…

So now I realize I know a poem by. Robert Louis Stevenson…I have a little shadow that goes in and out with me, and what can be the use if him is more than I can see. Also can recite most of “Friends, Romans, Countrymen, lend me your ears; I come to bury Caesar, not to praise him.”

Jan 1

Do you know things from memory?

I don’t seem to or don’t anymore? Can people recite things like the Declaration of Independence or the Constitution, Emancipation Proclamation and such? I can’t and sometimes I wonder if I’m supposed to?

Dec 31

iPhone hates Jews

I sent Chloe Sanchez a message and addressed it as “bubela, blah blah blah,” and iPhone (I address it this way instead of ‘my’ iPhone because it seems to do what IT wants and will kill me in my sleep„,) …anyway it changed bubela to BIBLES. Although I suppose i misspelled it. Sorry bubalas (=by alas).

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